The horses we use for our trail rides here at the ranch are the Rocky Mountain breed.. What does this mean to you.. Well for starters Rocky Mountain Horses possess one of the most pleasing and gentle dispositions of any other breed.   They don't have a mean bone in their bodies..  Another thing about the Rocky Mountain Horses is that they are naturally Gaited.  When most horses transition from a walk to the next speed it is usually into a TROT.  For most riders this is a very uncomfortable speed which is associated with your bottom hitting the saddle repeatedly over and over until the horse either walks again or breaks into the next speed which is the canter.  With the Rocky Mountain gaited horses the transition from the walk to the next speed is a smooth medium speed gait.  There is no real bounce to the ride at all.   Kinda like the difference between driving a pickup truck and a Cadillac.   When you come out to the ranch you will see why the Rocky Mountain horses (Very Prominent in the Rocky Mountains and the Kentucky region) are growing so fast in popularity as the trail horse of choice in the North East.  Especially popular with experienced riders as they get a bit older and are tired of getting bounced all over the place.  Rocky Mountain Horses are also known for their pretty color combinations with the most desirable being the Chocolate with the Flaxen mane.   Book your adventure now!

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