What better then to have your Childs Birthday Party on Horseback?

Lifetime Memory for one excited 8 year Old

Round Valley Trail Rides in Lebanon NJ has been making quite a name for themselves these days. Their Mission: “Creating custom trail rides that allow the public to celebrate special events on horseback”. In addition to providing daily trail rides that include a ½ hour lesson “as needed” they have created numerous life time memories including their most recent achievement.. a 9 year old Birthday party for Jackie and 8 of her girlfriends.

As the Girls stepped out of the packed car one by one talking about Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift and “Whateverrr” The Trail Wranglers just looked at each other in amazement thinking…. OHHHH BOYYYY. But as the girls met their horses in the barn and were introduced to their respective horses it was love at first sight. The girls bonded with their horses immediately. Then the Wranglers got the girls mounted on their horses one by one followed by a lesson on how they were gonna take their horses through the scenic trails. LOTS of ya hooin and hooting in the training pen.. But all went smooth and off they went out to the trails. The wranglers carefully led and instructed the group for the 1 hour tour until they came back to the barn with nothing but smiles. After dismounting their rides the girls were escorted over to the large 8 ft Fire Ring for marshmallow s’mores and Birthday cake. The further bonded with the wranglers and assured them that that is what they wanted to be when they grew up… Not a day goes by here at the ranch without a memory being made… Now full of Birthday Cake, S’mores, and all sugared up the girls loaded back up into the cars and shared war stories all the way home…

Sounds like fun?? If you are planning a birthday party for kids or even adults or planning ANYTHING why not do it on horseback….GIDDDY UP.

Dream until your dream come true!!!!

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